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Whole Life Wellness Center


Do a Total Body and Mind Workout
Through Yoga


Aum Yoga Studio

More Classes are coming soon! 

Currently 12 spaces. 


Aerial Yoga for Strength Training

9 AM 

Paula T. 

60 min.  


Aerial Yoga

5:30 PM with 

Stephanie 60 minutes



Community Yoga 

$3 class 


6:00 PM

60 minutes


Wednesday Moring Yoga Session

 with Paula T. 


60 min. 


9 AM

Morning Yoga for Beginners 

Paula F.

60 min. 

This is a beginner yoga class intended to refresh your body and mind. We will practice basic yoga poses, with a focus on breathing and stretching. Please bring your mat, blocks, strap, and blanket.

Last day for this class is 8/25 


Yoga Alignment with Amy

6 PM

60 minutes


5:30 PM

Starting September 2

9am 60 min. 


End of the Week Wind Down

with Stacey

60 min. 

This class is perfect for anybody, especially people with elevated stress levels or anyone that would like an hour to just be. No yoga experience necessary and everyone will be able to get into the poses that will be held long enough to calm your mind and relax your body. The hardest thing in this class will be letting go of the “to do list” in your head. This class will be very prop intensive. 



Warrior Spirit Yoga 

with Henry

60 + min. 

This is a great class for the yogi who wants the basics and a little more. We will focus on breath, raising heart rate some, full body stretching and work up some sweat.

Bring your own mat, block, blanket and strap.


Due to Covid 19, we will be asking you to bring your own mat, block, blanket, and strap. 

Mask is optional, 

and please book your class online using our online booking through 


Doors will be locked at 9 AM and, 6 PM sharp for those respective yoga classes

 We WILL NOT open them again until class is done. 

(You can knock on the yoga door if you are not too late) 

 Please do not be late.


Drop-in Fee - $15

4 pass card $45

10 ass card $100

20 pass card $180

$3 Community Yoga (Tuesday 6PM)

Register for classes and pay online at: 


Drop in Fee - $15 Per Class limited time. 

4 pass card $50


Private Yoga Lessons Available: 

Please contact Sandra @ 956-412-3745 for more info


Please be mindful of these, especially if you are a new student.

    • No cellphones allowed in the studio. Please turn off or silence your phones when left outside of the studio space.
    • Be mindful of stepping on other's yoga mats
    • Clean your mat after use 
    • Avoid lotions, strong perfumes and colognes
    • Avoid practicing on a full stomach
    • Wash hands and feet before entering studio
    • Leave your shoes on the rug outside the studio
    • Bring all your own equipment 


Gentle Vinyasa Flow:

All Levels welcome to our Vinyasa Flow class. Deepen your connection to the breath as we move through a steadily paced series of movements that also get the heart rate up and the muscles warm!

Beginner Yoga:

Class is slower paced than an all-levels class, and focused on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses. Come to learn, play, and maybe even break a sweat in a supportive environment. All bodies are welcome.

Hatha Yoga:

Hatha will be a slow paced class where we hold each pose from 1 to 5 minutes and go into details about alignment and geometry of poses. Each class will be focused on a certain area of the body and we will go in depth into yoga anatomy and physiology of asanas. There will be 1-2 pranayama's as well as a short meditation during the practice. 

Aerial Yoga:

Bring your mat for this awesome beginner class. Explore poses that will help you achieve shapes that are hard to do on the floor. Great strengthening for the arms, wrists and upper body. 

Kundalini Yoga: 

Yoga Alignment:

This class uses yoga asana to maximize mobility and functional movement. The flexible class structure offers options for practitioners at any level from complete beginner to advanced. we encourage the use of props, and modifications for each individual to safely experience the benefits of each pose. Yoga alignment is intended to create a stable foundation to allow the body to open in new ways and create healthy movement patterns within the body.

We are a Silver & Fit facility. Silver & Fit is a program offered through most health insurance companies for senior citizens. To find out if you qualify, please call your insurance provider and ask them if they offer the Silver & Fit program. If they do, they will cover 10 yoga classes per month here at our facility.

So that's 10 FREE yoga classes for you every month! Give them a call! If you have Silver & Fit and want to begin taking FREE yoga classes with us, please call us at 956-412-3745 and we'll get you set up. All we need is your "Fitness I.D. number", a personalized number given to each Silver & Fit customer by your insurance provider.


Aerial Yoga Schedule

The cost is $15 per class. Or get a 4 pass card for $50 (best value) 

Here are a few important things to remember if this is your first time coming to an Aerial Yoga Class.

1. Please make sure that your armpits are covered when choosing a top to wear. No zippers, jewelry or heavy perfume.

3. If you have a yoga mat, please bring it as you will still need to use a yoga mat. 

Please fill out the release form before entering the class, if you haven't already done so. 

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