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Whole Life Wellness Center


Our Yoga Instructors Are The BEST!


Rishi Sandra:

Yoga Instructor

Stay young, healthy and emotionally sound through the practice of yoga. Gentle, easy, beginners yoga will be offered for all ages. If you have never done yoga and are wondering where to start, these classes are for you. If you are an experienced student you will benefit as modifications for more advance students will also be taught.

You will learn the basic yoga postures, proper alignment, breathing, diet, history and names of the asanas in Sanskrit. You will understand the health benefits of poses and begin from your first lesson to heal and feel your body, becoming aware of all its mechanics.

Get ready for a new beginning as you explore this ancient practice that has stood the test of time and has reawakened in todays culture.

Rishi Sandra has been a student of yoga since the 70's, and has a wealth of information on Hatha Yoga and Eastern philosophy. She is a practitioner of Ayurveda the life knowledge and natural medicine of India. She is a certified yoga teacher with a passion to teach as well as share her knowledge of the Yogic Lifestyle.


Yoga Instructor

A native of the Rio Grande Valley, Amy found yoga in 2006 looking first for something to add to her workout routine. However, she soon found yoga filled more than just a physical space in her life. After four and half of dedication and practicing under Deborah Hinojosa and Shirley Fleming, Amy decided she wanted to share her passion with others and became a yoga instructor.

She is a Registered Yoga Teacher-200 through Yoga Alliance. She received her teacher training through Solstice Yoga Center, in Zipolite, Mexico, with Brigitte Longueville, an internationally renowned yoga teacher.

She has also trained with David McAmmond, Anne O’Brien, Marianna Emiko, Pao Aguilar and Izaskun Casanova; and attended training at various workshops with master teachers, including Kate Potter and Ana Forrest. She continues to study under Shirley Fleming and master teachers throughout the year at workshops and retreats. She is working toward her RYT-500 certification.

She specializes in Restorative Alignment, which provides the opportunity to restore and rejuvenate the innate muscular and energetic capacity of the body while continuing to build and strengthen the body with the practice of asanas with consciousness of movement in order to optimize the practice of yoga and the use of props, including the BackMitra.

She also has more than two years of Anatomy and Physiology classes and training combined through her university education and yoga teacher training. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in communication with a concentration in journalism, public relations and advertising from The University of Texas-Pan American.

Amy truly believes that anyone can practice yoga and any pose can be personalized to each person through the use of props and care.


Yoga Instructor

Stephanie began her practice at Aum Yoga Studio in 2013. She instantly fell in love the second she met the mat. As the practice evolved, a deep desire to become fully connected, mind, body and soul led her to discover Yahweh Yoga LLC out of Tempe, Arizona. Through them, she is certified as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and Yahweh Yoga Teacher (YYT-200).

Yoga Alliance has categorized Yahweh Yoga under its own style of yoga training. This is a Christian Style yoga that incorporates the Holy Bible which serves as its theology.

Yoga is a method of connecting just as meditation, prayer and worship is to a believer. Principles of Anusara yoga, in regards to alignment, are incorporated into the teachings and focus to sync both movement and breathe to fully enhance the form of each pose for the individual.

Stephanie’s main goal of every class is to make it an experience for each individual attending and not just a class. She believes that every person is capable of doing something they feel comfortable or led to do while developing a beautiful awareness of how to honor their own limits and abilities.

Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitative Services with a concentration in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing from UTPA and an Associates in Social Work. She currently works at non-profit agency providing services to the community. When she is not teaching or working she enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Yoga Instructor

Brittany is a 200hr RYT who received her training from It’s Yoga Cancun led by Liliana Mejia. Brittany began her yoga journey in 2014. Ever since her first yoga class, Brittany became addicted and eager to share what magic she experienced on the mat. Since the beginning of her journey, she has gone on to train and practice with other experienced teachers such as Kino Macgregor, Minnar Martinez, Michael Stewart and others. Brittany’s mission as a yoga instructor is to create a safe, harmonious and welcoming space for practitioners.


Yoga Instructor

Seymour Guenther comes the Rio Grande Valley from Austin where he has taught yoga since 2000 at Yoga Yoga and the YMCA.

Initially trained in Kundalini Yoga, he has also taught flow, relaxing yoga, kirtan, yoga for children, and laughing yoga styles. He is also an experienced personal trainer and classroom teacher, and he currently teaches World Geography at Dr. Cano Freshman Academy in Harlingen CISD.

Pyarvin, MD:

Yoga Instructor 500 RYT

Pyarvin has been a student of Yoga and Theosophy for over a decade. She has been teaching yoga since 2010, first in her native Russia and then in the US (Pennsylvania and New York). Pyarvin's medical background is in psychiatry. She is trained in Therapeutic Touch healing modality.

Pyarvin is a long-time vegetarian, published a vegetarian cook book in Russia, worked as a Chef at upstate NY retreat center and has taught vegetarian cooking classes both in Russia and the USA. She is a mom of 2 boys and her love for yoga deepened over the years as she discovered prenatal/postnatal and restorative yoga. Pyarvin has been trained in many styles of Hatha Yoga including AshtangaVinyasa, Tri Yoga, Lengar Yoga, Yoga 23 as well as prenatal, restorative and gentle yoga. Her goal is to share her the knowledge in a simple and fun way and help her students to better understand physiological and psychological benefits of their yoga practice.

Yoga Resume

2010-2013 worked as a yoga teacher in Russia

2013-2014 Govinda Yoga studio, NY, teacher

2014-2016 Supersoul yoga studio, NY, substitute teacher

2015-2016 Won Dharma Center, Claverack, NY. Substitute teacher.

2013-2016 Vegetarian Chef and substitute techer in Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center.


teacher training in Hatha Yoga 2009 (Russia)

2009-2013 Was trained in Ashtanga yoga, Tri Yoga, prenatal/postnatal yoga (Russia)

2013 - graduated medical internship program as a psychiatrist.


Yoga Instructor 

Bridget has chosen to practice yoga because of the freedom yoga extends in her life. Freedom to breathe, to dance, to connect to her body, ease her mind, and the freedom to enjoy life. As a student of yoga, and appreciation for the changes it has inspired in her life, she decided to become a teacher with the hopes of assisting & encouraging others in stepping into their own personal liberation.

Bridget honors the presence of all those around her, on and off the mat, whether that may be witnessed through pranayama, asana, drishti, self inquiry, or simply the act of showing up. She believes that when one shows up and is present, the body is felt, the mind becomes clear, the breath flows, and the heart is alive.

She began her relationship with the physical asanas of yoga in Brownsville, Tx and received her 200 YTT at Davannayoga studio in Puerto Vallarta, with Anna Laurita as her Teacher. She has also attended Yoga retreats led by Diana Wilcox from Wanderlust yoga studio in Austin. Every teacher that has guided a class for Bridget, including Esthela Valdez from Breathe Hot Studio- a present teacher in her practice since the beginning, has played a part in the way that she flows.

You will be encouraged throughout her class and taste the power behind the Sanskrit language, modifications to release stress, and understanding of the poses as she invites you to bring attention and intention to your practice.

Hannah Rex  

Certified Yoga Instructor  

After working in the fitness industry and doing yoga for many years, Hannah obtained her yoga teaching certification to dive deeper into the practice. She's taught in a variety of venues, from breweries to corporate offices, and believes that there is a type of yoga for everyone. Her classes are accessible for beginners and engaging for more advanced yogis.